Regardless of age, it is not possible to identify two drivers as driving the same way. This is the reason why car insurance agencies offer various prices for car insurance, depending on your age and other factors that are taken into consideration. Because car insurance policies are generally personalized, depending on every driver`s needs, it is difficult to establish how much is car insurance for a 17 year old. But being a fresh and young driver, you need to be prepared that you will pay more than the average premiums.

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Why is Car Insurance for Young Driver Expensive?

woman hands holding blue car isolated on white backgroundThere are a lot of reasons why car insurance for 17 years old drivers is slightly more expensive than those with experience in driving a car or having their car insured at the same insurance agency for years. Therefore, when you want to discover the cost, you will have to take these external factors into consideration and understand why you need to pay more than older drivers.

First of all, 17 years old drivers are considered to be impulsive and reckless while driving. Teenage drivers are most of the victims involved in serious car accidents, but they cause the most frequent severe car accidents as well. Drivers aged above 25 years are considered to drive carefully and decrease their chances of car accidents. Even if you are a fresh and young driver, it doesn`t mean that you will be unable to find cheap car insurance for students. Accidents rates among high school students are extremely high, according to the statistics. This is because students tend to drive late at night or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Having these things in mind, you can understand the approximate cost.

Driving Experience

Because teenage drivers have far less experience that older drivers do, when they get involved in car accidents, these might end up fatally or with a very severe injury. 17 years old drivers are not necessarily familiar with all restrictions if driving outside the area where they are living or might not know how to drive carefully during the cold winter; both situations might be severe problems. Hopefully, these external factors that are taken into consideration in your car insurance can help you understand the cost of car insurance for a 17 year old.

Fortunately, there are several ways to save money on their insurance policy. Turning to 18 is a benefit because offers of car insurance for 18 years old are a lot better. Teenage drivers have the possibility to save money and get “safe driving” discounts if they avoid getting involved in car accidents. You can pay less if you avoid accidents. If you are a good student, you can also get a 25% of “good student” discount on your car insurance every month.

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