How Much is Car Insurance for a 18 Year Old - Save on Premium

How Much is Car Insurance for a 18 Year Old

Upon turning 18 years, you can have a driving license and this means that you can own a car. Everything will seem to be at your comfort. However, you might still be struggling to have your insurance policy for the car. The question that might be rightly on your mind is: how much is car insurance for a 18 year old?

Short Answer: The average car insurance cost in the USA for a single 18 years old male per year is $5,500 and for the female, the amount is $4,900. (The rates varies from state to state, company to company, person to person).

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It is actually at this age that the risks of getting accidents are high and the premium for the car insurance will automatically be high. This is not discrimination but rather an opportunity to still remain covered and protected even if you are involved in some serious accident.

The Bottom Line

  • You can get a policy at 18 years.
  • Price varies from state to state.
  • A good driving record is important.
  • Convince the insurer you are a safe driver.

Every 18-year-old driver is actually looking for a cheap car insurance quote. In order to know how much the insurance would cost for this age, you will have first to know that the final price will be based on some factors. Overall, the cheapest insurance premium so far for the 18-year-old drivers cannot be less than $100.

What is the Reason Behind the High Premiums?

Statistics still has it that the people of this age represent a very high risk of accidents and such fatal complications in the traffic. This means that they should never expect any insurance policy which is very low but it will ever remain highly rated.

The better part of this policy is that when an individual approaches 20 years, then the insurance policy begins to go down.

Car Insurance for an 18 Years Old Male

car insurance for 18 years old maleAt the age of 18 as a driver, you will ever be frustrated by expensive car insurance quotes.

As an 18-year-old male, you will be unlucky and it will not be easy to find coverage which is little because you present essential risks in the traffic, according to the statistics.

Even when you decide to opt for some cheaper options outside there, it will still be difficult to opt for a policy that will offer it as cheap as $1200 annually.

There are some robust insurance costs that are beneficial. For instance, in case you select a policy that offers some robust coverages, you will be required to pay as much as $350 monthly.

This cash might prove not to be within the reach of these teens but it will fully cover the emergencies like in the event that you are involved in a serious accident.

How Much is Car Insurance for an 18 Years Old Female

How Much is Car Insurance for a 18 Year Old FemaleComparing the males and females at 18, the male drivers are charged highly. The reason remains to be that the males are much involved in accidents. The females at age 18, though inexperienced, they have been recording a lower accident rate than the men.

Therefore it stands out that the female car insurance at age 18 is almost double what the male drivers of the same age pay. Females get low priced plans and we recommend you get quotes to find the cheapest plan.

What About the Parent’s Policy?

It is s fact that the car insurance quotes for the 18-year olds are very expensive. The best idea would mean to stick to the parents’ policy. For you to ensure this, your car’s title deeds should belong to the parents, even if you have bought the car on your own.

Through this idea, you will be less worried about how much is car insurance for 18 years old, because you will be able to achieve the affordable car insurance policy, as the parents get it. Remember that when the car is your but the title belongs to the parents, you will be lucky to be only noted as an intermittent driver.

In the case that you decide to stick to the parent’s insurance policy, they will be the ones who are responsible when any damage comes to your car. It might sometimes get hard more so when the accidents become frequent.

There are many more cases and situations in which you can reduce the car insurance costs even if you decide to purchase your own insurance premium and you are not comfortable driving in your parent’s policy.

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Reducing Car Insurance Costs

You are still young and paying all the premium charged for the 18-year olds may be stressful. It is all doom unto you. There are some things that you can still do so as to give yourself the best opportunities for reducing the premium, for in the long and short term:

  • Look for a car that is reliable and safe. Some of the greatest factors that increase the insurance premium are the type of car, for instance, luxury, sports, and other highly modified vehicles. They will ever attract high insurance quotes.
  • Be considerate of where you park the car if it is a secure port or garage. It if is, then this might as well stand as a good reason for the insurers to lower the premium, as compared to the cars that are being parked in the streets.
  • You can consider purchasing a used car which is equipped with the security system.
  • Buy a car that has a good safety record.

At the age of 18, it will mean that your mind has to think about purchasing car insurance. You have a good time to explore factors that might affect the cost of the premium. Once satisfied, then it is high time that you looked for the best insurance company for your car.

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