Porsche 911 Insurance Cost - What is the Actual Cost?

Porsche 911 Insurance Cost

More and more lovers of luxury sports cars opt for purchasing Porsches. In case you are among the people who consider buying a Porsche in the near future, you definitely have questions concerning their performance and safety, as well as some insurance considerations.

Porches are nowadays included in the category of the best performing cars out there you should consider this when you decide to search for Porsche 911 insurance cost.

If you are lucky and already own your precious sports Porsche vehicle, you are definitely interested to find out the best price for Porsche 911. Normally, it costs $225+/- per month depending on models and states.

Exact Cost?

You will never be able to get the exact rate without requesting a quote from BCIF.

Facts about Porsche Sport Cars

porsche 911 insurance cost

Stuttgart, Germany is where Porsche is headquartered. Ferdinand Porsche is the name of the famous person who invented the company, in 1931.

There is a close business collaboration between Porsche and Volkswagen. The company is the biggest racing cars manufacturer as well as the most successful brand in the motorsport domain. Almost 100,000 Porsches have been sold in the year of 2008 worldwide this is an interesting fact to keep in mind.

The Relation to Between Porches and Vehicle Theft

When you decide to purchase your precious Porsche car, the truth is that you jumped into a huge financial investment therefore, you can’t expect for this vehicles insurance cost to below. Your car insurance must include plenty of comprehensive coverage, exclusively for safety purposes because we’re talking about a luxury sports vehicle that represents a high attraction for thieves.

With plenty of comprehensive coverage in your Porsche car insurance, you are not only fully insured, but you will be able to receive compensation as well for costs that involve any type of damage, vandalism or theft.

Porche 911 Comes with Kick-Ass Security System

Statistics show that theft cases for Porsches are relatively low, the numbers representing 0% per thousand cars. This fact is closely related to the built-in security system that’s high-quality.

Even if thieves love stealing objects from luxury sports cars, because they are all valuable, because Porsche vehicles are noticeable, it will be hard for the thieves to bring any type of damage to these cars or even try stealing them with all. The low theft rate will be a favorable circumstance for you when looking for the insurance cost.

Estimated Insurance Cost

The estimated value of a Porsche 911 is situated between $84,300 up to $172,100 with a full package. 4 passengers would be able to comfortably to sit in this vehicle which has the cabriolet style. Buyers have the opportunity to pick between its Turbo model and Carrera model.

The manual transmission of this vehicle offers from 6 to 7 speeds. Thanks to huge capacity for speed as well as a high price tag, in terms of Porsche 911 insurance cost, you should expect to pay approximately $2700+/- yearly, a price which represents much higher value, compared to other luxury cars.

Luxury Car = Luxury Insurance Price

One of the most expensive cars to get insured today is definitely Porsche 911, so you must prepare yourself for this, from the financial point of view, because you will have to be able to pay the insurance for it thoroughly.


In terms of engine repair, if your car will need repairing, costs will obviously be high. Keep in mind that the more expensive the car, the more you will have to pay for the engine repairing as well. Despite its safety features and low theft rate, ensuring a Porsche will still cost you a lot, because of the car’s value itself.

Another reason why insurance cost is significantly higher than other vehicles is that we are talking about a very fast car of which owners are at higher risk to exceed the speed limits.

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