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Car Insurance for Chevrolet Vehicles

Chevy, Chevrolet cars have been around since 1911 and have won several awards for its excellent craftsmanship, including ‘World Green Car of the year.’

Not only is Chevrolet popular among car enthusiasts, but it has its range of commercial vehicles such as trucks and SUVs. Today, Chevy is one of the most reliable vehicle makers in the USA, and it operates in more than 140 countries.

Although all the Chevrolet vehicles have impressive built-quality features, it is essential to get your Chevrolet vehicle insured just after purchasing it because of a ton of reasons involved.

For instance, what if your car is damaged due to a reckless driver’s action on the road?

Under such circumstances, you will have to finance your car’s repair, how costly it may be, from your pocket.

However, you can avoid landing in such a situation by getting car insurance for your Chevrolet car. You can get the insurance from an agent or through the Chevrolet Dealers.

Which Companies Offer Car Insurance for Chevrolet Vehicles?

In the USA, you would find multiple insurance companies that offer insurance plans with varying rates based on the brand’s different models. You can request quotes from the following insurance companies for protection plans for your Chevrolet vehicle:

  • USAA
  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • AARP

Regardless of the insurance company you go for, you might have to pay monthly charges anywhere between $160 and $238, depending on your Chevrolet vehicle model.

The insurance rates will also vary depending on the state of the USA in which your vehicle is registered.

For example, in Louisiana, the insurance rates are the most expensive at around $206 and, the cheapest insurance rate is $76 in Maine for Chevrolet Ford SE.

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How to Lower the Insurance Cost?

Generally, premium Chevrolet models offer more occupant protection than the economic models of the brand. So if you have been trying to understand why the insurance rates of some car models of Chevrolet are significantly lower than the other models, then here is an explanation for you:

You should first take a look at the personal injury claims of the insurance of the model you are willing to buy. If you find it relatively low, it implies that the car offers increased protection to the occupants. That is why the claims are relatively low to cover the occupants’ minor injuries if there are any.

Chevrolet models such as Corvette, Impala, Avalanche occupy lower tanks in the personal injury claims cost. In other words, these models will offer you enhanced safety and protection, as per the opinion of the major insurance companies.

Factors That Can Increase Cost

If you compare the collision repair costs among Chevrolet models, you would see that some models like Chevrolet Malibu, Cruze, and Sonic score higher.

This can be due to many reasons, including past trends of collisions, etc. That is why some insurance companies considered increasing the collision repair costs of these vehicles.

If you find the insurance quote of Chevrolet Avalanche higher, even if the personal injury claims component is low, it might be due to the absence of an anti-theft feature in some model cars.

Adding to the problem, Avalanche has also appeared in the list of most stolen vehicles, and thus insurers are charging more for this particular model.

Let us move on to the insurance costs and benefits of two types of Chevrolet vehicles, an SUV truck, Chevrolet Colorado, and a sports car, Chevrolet Corvette.

Insurance Costs for Chevrolet Colorado

If you are looking for insurance for your Chevrolet Colorado, you might have to bear around $161/ month or $1932/year. This is just an estimate as the actual cost would depend on the state of the USA you live in.

As you would know, the Chevrolet Colorado is a pick-up truck, and it is one of the most selling vehicles of the brand. It is being acclaimed for its excellent fuel efficiency, robust diesel engine, and smooth ride.


If you opt to insure your Chevrolet truck from the AARP Auto Insurance program, you will enjoy the following perks:

  • Drivers over the age of 50 can enjoy freebies and low rates, etc.
  • Home services worth $2500 after an accident
  • Covers replacement charges for free
  • AARP members will also get free benefits, which increase with time
  • Lower deductibles will be charged to you in case there are no faults of yours in an accident.

Insurance Cost for Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette’s insurance cost is a bit higher compared to other models because it is a sports car meant for driving at high speeds.

Considering such risks, insurance companies have raised the premium to around $238/ month or $2856/month.

Corvette has been around since 1953, and since then, it has been a highly sought-after vehicle for race enthusiasts for its strong engine and athletic built quality.

Ways to Save Money 

Even if insurance rates of Chevrolet corvette are higher than usual, you can still save money if your car has got the following safety features:

  • Airbags
  • Anti-theft security system
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Stability controllers

What is the Chevrolet Platinum Protection Plan?

When you buy Chevrolet vehicles, you will get some protection benefits from the manufacturer. The platinum plan offers additional safety and protection facilities for your vehicle’s engine, steering, transmission, drive axle, air conditioning system, brakes, etc.

Benefits of the Platinum Protection Plan:

  • In case of a breakdown incident, you will get $40 a day for renting a replacement vehicle.
  • In case your car is disabled, you will get up to $150 for the towing services
  • If a covered breakdown occurs after 100 miles of your home, you will get $200 a day.
  • You will get compensation for locksmith expenses if you lose your car key.

Now that you have understood the basics of car insurance for Chevrolet vehicles contact an insurer right away and get your Chevy covered!

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