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7 Car Insurance Discounts that Can Save You Money

We always want to save money. Car insurance policies are no different from that. We all want very cheap insurance. We can save our money through discounts on our insurance policy.

Here are the 7 Car Insurance Discounts that Can Save You Money

Discounts as an Old Client

If you have any other insurance policy in the same company then they will surely give you a discount. This discount varies from company to company. And the rate of discount can be different from state to state. You will get up to 10% discount.

Discount for Being a Good Student

Car Insurance Discounts that Can Save You Money

Younger drivers are a risky client for a car insurance company. Hence, the premium of young drivers is quite high. But if you are a good student you will get a discount. Because of static shows that good students are often good drivers.

There are some conditions applied here. You cannot be more than 25 years old and you have to be an active student of an educational institute. Your CGPA cannot be lower than 3.00 (B). You can get up to 7 percent discount on this.

Discount for Being Married

If you are married you will get a discount on car insurance. Married persons are more likely to be stable drivers. As the married person drives with more care, rarely they get involved in a car accident. Hence, they are a more suitable client for car insurance. This is the main reason they receive a reduction in premium. You can receive up to 14% discount. If both husband and wife get auto insurance from the same company they will get a couple of discounts.

To learn the ways of negotiating with the insurer, check this post.

Car Safety Discount

If there are additional safety features in your car then you will receive a discount. You can ask for the list of features that will be eligible for a discount. Commonly if you have an anti-theft system, alarm, and airbag in your car, you will receive a discount. But if your car has an anti-collision system, it will surely raise the amount of discount.

Discount on Clean Driving Record

A clean and good record of driving can bring some discounts on insurance. You must have three years of driving experience. If you do not engage in more than one or two accidents in this time period then you will be considered as a good driver.

In some states, the local administration tries to encourage people to be a good driver by giving this kind of discount on car insurance. Find if your state gives the same kind of offer to the driver.

Discount of Low Annual mileage

The low mileage discounts vary from company to company. It will be in between 7500 to 15000 miles. If you do not drive more than this yearly, you can ask for a discount. If you are unsure about your mileage, check it out before applying for a policy.

Buy a Car that is Cheap to Insure

If you buy a small SUV you will find it easy to insure. If you buy a posh or sporty car, the chance of getting a low premium in insurance will be next to impossible. There are some cars, like the Toyota four-wheelers, are very cheap to insure. The maintenance cost is pretty low. Hence the insurance company gives a low premium.

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