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Why Car Insurance for 18 Years Old is Expensive?

When the kids turn 18, they are allowed to drive the car legally and hold a driving license. This is why it becomes mandatory to purchase car insurance at this stage. The policies are often made expensive by the insurance companies.

They consider the risk involved with the young male and females and in order to cover their own risk, these insurances are quite high in price. While some people think that car insurance at 18 is a wastage of money as they are not often allowed to drive by their guardians but it is a legal document that they need to carry whenever they sit on the driving seat.

3 Major Reasons

  • Teenagers are not passionate drivers.
  • A high rate of accidents in recent years.
  • Interested to get sporty cars.

The government does not want to take any chance with the lives of young males and females and thus, in order to cover their medical benefits, car insurance is made compulsory for them too.

What Are the Reasons that Make the Insurance Expensive?

Why Car Insurance for 18 Years Old is ExpensiveThere have been many cases in the past where teenagers or young adults have shown impatience while driving their vehicles that led to fatal accidents.

Such incidents have alarmed the government of the risk that pertains when a young driver is on the steering wheel.

The government has taken measures that not only make their lives safe but also to ensure that in case of any mishap, their parents may be able to get them treated without incurring too much high medical costs.

Also, as the process for purchasing the insurance demands, that the buyer must be having a sound and safe health at the time of buying insurance, it is a protective move for the other people on the road as well.

Are the Insurance Policies Differently Priced for Males and Females Respectively?

There is no substantial difference in price when it comes to gender. Though the difference persists in the case of adults where women are offered a few discounts by some of the companies as women are considered to be safer drivers as compared to men, but in case of teenagers, the 18 years old females are also considered equivalent to 18 years old male.

They are categorized only as high-risk drivers and that is why there are least chances of any difference in rates on the basis of gender.

How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance?

While most of the companies are aware of the risk associated with car insurance for teenagers, there are some companies that offer cheaper insurances under certain conditions.

To find affordable car insurance for 18 years old male or female, check this post.

Such as the teenagers can present the proof of their good rapport in school by producing their education certificates, report cards and grades; driving class certificate and extra-curricular achievements to these companies that would offer discounts or scholarship discounts to such students for their good conduct. These documents certify that the young driver is a responsible person and can be considered as less risky.

Also, the model of the car given to the teenager also plays an important role in determining the cost of insurance. If the car is a high end or sports car, then its insurance is going to be costlier only because that is considered a luxury not necessity, but if the car driven by the teenager is a small and old car, then it is counted as a necessity. Small cars are less risky as compared to big, fast cars that are capable of causing a lot of damage on the road.

If you are considering renewing the insurance for your teenager, then as a parent you need to make them understand that only a clean driving record will help them in attaining affordable car insurance.


One more way to get cheap car insurance is that the parents can include the name of their teenager in their own insurance policy. This will be relatively cheaper than buying a separate policy. Moreover, after 2 years, when you will be over 20 years, the insurance cost will be much lower and affordable. Hence, it is advised to wait for another two years before buying your own policy.

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