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How Much is Car Insurance for a 22 Year Old?

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The car insurance costs are sky high at the moment. Drivers are now paying really heavy prices for insurance, according to most insurance analyst. This means for those who aren’t very old, and are around 22, it can be really a hefty price to pay. Along with this youngest drivers still want to drive, and what’s more, they want something neater and cooler than a hatchback or old jeep.

So, How Much is Car Insurance for a 22 Year Old Male & Female?

On average, a 22 years old male pays $3,114 per year and a 22 years old female pays $2,709 per year. Females are paying less because if their passionate driving habit, but there are exceptions as well.

“The price mentioned above is not the exact amount that you can except. To know the exact price, we recommend you to request a free quote.”

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Here is a Guide on How to Keep Insurance Costs to a Minimum?

Learn How to Drive Safely

How much is Car Insurance for a 22 Year OldThis one is a no-brainer. Taking driving lessons will make you an expert and in time it will prove to your insurer that you are quite at taking care of your vehicle on the road. If you are around twenty-two, this would mean that you are in college. If you have not yet enrolled in a driving lesson, then it is time to do.

Doing so will bring the cost of your insurance considerably down. Did you know that taking driving lessons can lessen the cost of insurance from around fifteen to twenty percent?

So, hurry up and start taking lessons now. Because you still have three or more year before you turn twenty-five, being enrolled in driving classes will help you save quite an amount of money in the meantime.

Spend Less Time on the Road

As gloomy as this makes you, this is quite an effective way of having cheaper car insurance. If you wish to keep the cost of insurance reasons, then it is advisable to keep your driving less. Try finding a job that is closer to the place you live.

If you are still in college, then consider looking for residence closer to your home, or campus, whatever way you are doing things. The lesser you drive and commute, the lesser the amount of insurance.

Choose Wisely

Insurance, although expensive, is absolutely necessary. When it comes to insurance, age is one of the most deciding factors for insurers when offering an insurance quote is age. This is because, for someone offering auto insurance, the age of the driver in question is actually the decider of the driver’s experience as well as expertise.

This, in turn, tells them about the risk of accidents. The insurer’s experience and their statistics when they insured other drivers, the more a person’s age is, the lesser the chance is for him or her to get into an accident and file for the insurance money. In short, a person who age is more will cost less to insure.

Buy a Reasonable Car

Yes, the flashy sports car is too good to resist. And you may even have the down payment for it, but the insurance costs are going to be exorbitant. You still have around three to four years before you can graduate, get a good job and moreover, be eligible for lower insurance costs. Therefore, it is advisable to drive a reasonable car, because the fancier the car is, the higher the price of insurance.

Shop for a Good Quote

This is another crucial point. You have to know that the insurance market is really competitive. Whenever you are going to get a new insurance policy or renew your policy, then you must look around the internet as well as newspapers etc to find multiple quotes for car insurance. The more offers you get, the more chances are that you will get a more reasonable amount.

Never Drink and Drive

If you are someone who enjoys drinking, or are habituated to the daily beer, or shot, then it is wiser to leave your car at home. If you are planning a night out with friends, which may have drinking involved, take a bicycle or better yet, a public transport or a taxi.

It may seem like a waste of some money, but it is pretty obvious that this money is a lot less than the insurance of a drunk driver as well as the extended costs of DUI over the years. So it’s better not to take this chance. Better safe than sorry.

Note: Your driving record impacts the insurance premium, read this article.

Invest in a Tracking Device

This is another small investment you make that can actually save costs of insurance. Most insurance tracking devices help you by telling you the price per miles, according to the time of the day. This records how much you drive, and you can control the limit of your driving hence decreasing the costs of your insurance at this young age.

Good Grades Pay

Yes, as strange as it may sound, this is actually true. Many insurers offer student packages, that are almost like scholarships. The better your grades are, the better quotes you can get on new car insurance. If you are consistent with your grades, your insurer will increase the price, even you can often get low down payment insurance.


As the last words to parents and guardians, it is highly advisable to not purchase a separate vehicle for your child. Car insurance ends up being pricey, especially for someone under 25. It is better to do with an old and already insured car for your kid. This way you save money, and also you won’t have to snip off dollars from your insurance to cut corners, which might put you in more danger when you are on the road yourself.

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