7 Reasons Why Car Insurance is More Expensive for Young Drivers?

7 Reasons Why Car Insurance is More Expensive for Young Drivers?

You just get yourself your first car and looking for affordable car insurance. I can bet that you are going through a hard time as the premium of car insurance for young drivers is quite high. There are many reason behinds this.

If you are a driver less than 20 years old looking for car insurance, you have to spend a good amount of money. The premiums can 200% more than an adult person’s premium.

Here are the 7 Reasons Why Car Insurance is More Expensive for Young Drivers

Less or No Driving Experience

It takes time to be a skilled driver. A young person does not spend enough time behind the wheel to become a cool and calm driver. They also lack in experience in maintaining the car.

If you keep a car well maintained, it will reduce the chance of accidents. As most of the young people do not understand the importance of car maintenance, they do not give importance to maintaining the car as much they should.

No or Unproven Record

Some teenagers get a driving license at the age of 16. Young driver at this age does not have any kind of driving record or even they have it is very little to depend on.

The premium of car insurance depends on the drivers’ records. Insurance companies consider teenagers as a high-risk client. They check your last three years driving records. If you do not have three years of driving experience, the insurer considers you as an inexperienced driver.

If you have a clean driving record and never engaged in an accident that is your fault, you will get a break on policies. But if you have a higher rate of accidents then you will need more money to get insurance.

Higher Accident Rate

A driver under 25 years of age is more likely to engage in an accident than the matured drivers. If you think statically, then you will find the driver under the age of 20 can be easily pointed out as a bad driver. A new driver pays less attention to the road and traffic signal.

Over-speed driving is a common matter for teenage drivers. So, accident rates due to over speed are also high among teenage drivers. These things raise the premium of insurance.

Reckless Driving

Teenage drivers are known to be reckless dr. They easily get involved in the road race. They do not follow the traffic rules and sometimes break the traffic signal which is at any time of the day is very much dangerous.

There are more or less 1200 accidents happening daily due to reckless driving all over the USA and more than 70% of them involving a young driver.

Distracted Driving Behavior

We all know that you should not use a mobile while driving.? It is a very common habit among young people. Some even put makeup while driving.

Drunk driving is one of the most reckless driving behaviors of all. The rate of drunk driving is also high among college students.

Young drivers often start looking for some objects in the car while driving. The number of road rage young people are engaging in is also alarming. These kinds of behaviors on the road may end with an accident.

High-Risk Clients to Insurers

Young or less experienced drivers are involved in around 60% of fatal accidents. So it is very easy to understand that the insurance company will consider young drivers as a risky client.

Final Thoughts

Now come to the financial statement. The financial statement of a young person is never good unless he is a genius or came from a rich family. So overall, young guy? financial condition is not ideal for the insurance companies.

But do not get yourself demotivated to get a car. If you have a clean record and get good points on driving test, some insurance companies may consider you for affordable car insurance.

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