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Getting a SR22 Non-Owner Insurance

SR22 non-owner insurance is designed to give the minimum liability coverage that a person needs to drive a car legally but occasionally. This policy doesn’t cover any car that you drive regularly or have in your own/family name. This policy is a good way to fulfill the state’s legal authority to reinstate the suspended driving license.

Features of SR22 Non-Owner Insurance

  • It gives liability coverage only.
  • It doesn’t replace primary insurance.
  • It doesn’t cover rental or commercial vehicles.
  • It covers only occasionally drive vehicle.
  • It doesn’t cover any teenagers from your home.

Why the Policy Named SR22 Non-Owner Insurance?

The name of the policy is quite misleading for the general people. SR22 is not actually the name of a policy, it is just a form. Each of the state in the USA has a minimum required liability coverage amount, defined by the law. The SR22 form is submitted to the state authority to justify that you have the minimum liability coverage in your insurance policy. Most of the times, the insurer do the task of submitting the form in care of you.

Why a Driver Need It?

If you want to drive a non-owned vehicle occasionally, you can choose this policy. But, the vehicle can’t be in your name or in name of anyone else of your family.

This policy is also required to regain the suspended driving license and you should carry the policy until the SR22 time period doesn’t pass. This is a legal requirement by the law to ensure that you have the minimum liability coverage.

There are other reasons why a driver needs this!

Let’s have a look.

  • After Doing DUI offenses.
  • For Reckless Driving Ticket.
  • Uninsured Accidents.
  • Not Submitting Blood/Breath Test Report.
  • Legal Fine.
  • Too many DMV points in driving record.

Special Note: This policy doesn’t cover any accident that has occurred before issuing the policy.

How Does SR22 Non-Owner Policy Works?

The working principle of this policy is quite complicated. The policy doesn’t collide with any existing policy of the vehicle you are driving. The non-owner policy is a secondary policy that gives extra liability coverage to the driver.

Let’s make it clear with an example:

Suppose Patrik is loved his friend Matthew’s new Honda Vezel and he wants to drive it to a shop. Patrik took the car from Matthew and driving to his destination. On the way, he collided with a Toyota Camry and he (Patrik) is at fault.

Now, who will pay the expenses?

First of all, Matthew’s liability coverage will come in force if exists. If the expenses exceed his liability coverage then Patrik’s non-owner insurance will come in force and pay the rest.

On the other hand, if Matthew doesn’t have any liability coverage then the non-owner policy will pay the cost of the damaged vehicle (Camry). But, there will be no coverage for Matthew’s car as the non-owner policy only covers liability expenses.

Cost of the Insurance

Non-owner insurance actually doesn’t cost much. As it covers only the liability, the policy cost is limited. However, the cost may increase with the offenses made in a recent ticket. SR22 is looked most of the times if the driving license has been suspended for any serious offense. In such cases, the insurance cost becomes a bit higher than normal.

Additionally, you have to pay about $20 for filling the SR22 form. Filing the form has some extra paperwork that is done by the insurer for you and they charge for it.

Cost of SR22 Non-owner and SR22 Conventional Policy

There is no major price difference between these two policies. However, as the non-owner policy is involved in low mileage driving, you get a lower price. Other than that, all the principles of these two policies are the same and they are not expensive at all.

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