How Does Your Driving Record Impact Car Insurance? - Must Know It

How Does Your Driving Record Impact Car Insurance?

Driving record is one of the most important factors when calculating the insurance cost. Previous driving history reflects your driving behavior. If you have an aggressive driving record, it will definitely increase the insurance premium.

Driving Point System & Car Insurance

It is crucial to know how the point system works. In the United States of America, most of the states are currently following this rule. For every traffic violation, you receive a certain amount of points. After reaching a certain level of points, the authority will cancel your driving license. This point level is also used by the insurers to estimate your driving habit and risk of accidents.

Drive Safe, Stay Safe, Save Money

Does All Traffic Ticket Affect the Car Insurance?


All types of tickets don’t affect the premium. For example, a parking ticket will never have any negative effect on the insurance policy as it is not associated with any potential risk of damage to the vehicle.

There are a few types of tickets that can affect your premium.

Minor tickets that can increase the premium slightly, not too much but costs you money!

Here is the list of Most Minor Common Tickets

  • Over Speeding
  • Signal Violation
  • Faulty Braking System of Your Car
  • Driving without License
  • Not Using Seatbelts
  • Wrong Use of Headlights
  • Not Carrying Insurance Card
  • Wrong Turn & Passing
  • Wrong use of Horn
  • Not Maintaining Vehicle Safety
  • Wrong Way
  • Not Giving Priority to Pedestrian

There are few major tickets which will definitely increase the insurance premium and sometimes it becomes difficult, even to find an insurer.

Let’s see the list

  • Racing & Stunting
  • Criminal Activities
  • Not Following Police Order
  • Not Staying in Accident Place

3 Common Tickets Ends Up Paying More Premiums


There is an idiom, speeding kills! Yes, it’s right. Speeding damages the vehicles also. In the USA, on average everyday 11.2K drivers receive a speeding ticket. Find the statistics here. Hence, insurers are quite strict on this matter.

A single speeding ticket can increase the insurance cost up to 20%

Red Light Violation

The number of red light violation is increasing day by day. Drivers are becoming impatient because of increasing traffic. This can increase your car insurance premium by 5% or more. So, follow the rules!

Not Wearing Seat Belt

The seatbelt is a safety feature. However, many drivers don’t give it propriety. The chance of survival increases by 50% if the seat belt is used properly in case of an accident. Insurers give importance to this as well.

Importance of Maintaining a Good Driving Record

A good driving record is a sign of responsibility and enduring. It saves you money in different ways. There is also a special discount for good drivers while purchasing car insurance. You can also get accident forgiveness benefit which is only applicable for drivers with excellent previous history.

Bad drivers don’t get any discount on insurance plans. Moreover, they have to pay some extra money for their reckless driving behavior.

Hence, always drive carefully & safely. A single wrong activity can change your life.

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