11 Items You Should Keep in Your Car for Safe Driving

Items You Should Keep in Your Car for Safe Driving

It is always a good idea to know exactly what you have in your car. Knowing what you have will give you a better idea of what you are missing and what things you may need in different situations, depending on your lifestyle.

People usually don’t think about essential things that they should have by their side until their car actually breaks down in the middle of the road or worse. You may want to be prepared in case you find yourself in a difficult situation.

On the internet, you can find endless lists of items that one should carry around in their car. However, the lists are usually very long and people still debate whether something is really that important or not. There are many items you should keep in your car, depending on the car you drive and the length of the road you plan to go.

However, here is the list of things you must keep in your car according to the general needs of most drivers, no matter if you need them in a case of car emergency, comfort or survival.

Things You Must Keep in Your Car

Tire Items

Items You Should Keep in Your Car

Spare tire and tire changing supplies are the first things you should think about (right after first aid), no matter the length of the trip you plan to go. Spare tire, tire iron, lug wrench, and tire jack are a must if you plan to show up, wherever you are going.

Battery Items

Jumper cables are something you should always carry around in your trunk. A dead battery is frustrating enough to make sure you have the right tool, as it can take you by surprise. Do not rely on other cars to have jumper cables in case they want to help you out with a dead battery.

Extra Gas

Gas can (or a plastic bottle) should be one of the essentials when it comes to traveling by car, especially if you are one of those people that always buy gas at the last moment. Gas can come in handy if you stay out of gas and you need to get it back to your car from a gas station or elsewhere. However, if you have small space in your trunk you can store a regular plastic bottle, as it will be enough for you to reach the house. Sometimes you can even buy a can on the gas station when you need it.

Duct Tape and Knife

Duct tape can be used in many situations when it comes to temporarily fix your car. You can use it to fix a broken tail light, repair the cracked windshield or a window, reattach rear view mirror, repair broken hoses or fan belt, etc. A folding knife can be very useful and it also makes many people feel safe. However, it is not advisable to carry it around in countries where having a knife in a vehicle counts as having a concealed weapon.

Work Gloves

A pair of work gloves will save your hands while you’re wrestling with your car. It is a smart move when you are dealing with dirty tire irons, hot engine parts, and anything else you’re better off not touching with bare hands. A pair of gloves should always be in your trunk, especially when you can’t afford to get all dirty and oily in case you have to be somewhere.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is a very handy thing, especially in cases of the engine caught on fire. Luckily you can buy a very small fire extinguisher that won’t take much space in your trunk as it is no bigger than a can of bug spray. This thing can save lives!

First Aid Kit

This list is not ordered by importance, or first aid kit would definitely be in the first place. It is an essential item that every car driver should carry around in their car. You never know when or if you’re going to need a first aid kit, but knowing that it is there will ease your mind. Depending on the package, some boxes should be replaced from time to time, even if you didn’t use them.

Blankets and Maps

Depending on the season and weather outside, as same as the length of the trip and time of the day, you could use items like blankets, emergency food, reflective triangles, printed maps, Mylar blanket, etc.

Light Sources

When it comes to traveling by your car, having a few bottles of water can save you in so many ways. Same goes with flashlights and a lighter (or matches if the weather is too hot).

Phone Charger

Keeping a car adapted phone charger in your car is one of the best decisions you can ever make. You can always keep your phone plugged in while you drive, and you will never have to worry if you will have enough battery in case of an emergency.

Essential Documents

When it comes to documents, make sure you have a driving license, id card and proof of insurance (insurance papers) on you when you drive. However, it is not advisable to leave it in the car, in case it gets robbed or stolen.


Safety is always the first choice. To ensure the safe driving you should always keep these essential items in your car. However, the requirements changes with your driving area. Lastly, don’t forget to update your insurance regularly.

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