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Does Car Insurance Cover Theft?

No matter how proficient you are behind the wheels or how good you drive, car accidents just happen. The same goes for theft. Even if you protect your car, and take care where you leave it over the night, you still can’t protect it from everything and everybody. Even if you start thinking about car insurance, have in mind that some things insurance won’t cover.

If you have car insurance or you are looking for one, you probably noticed that there is no such thing as full coverage car insurance. In other words, there is no insurance that will protect your car from everything, unless you combine several types of car policies.

People usually use the term full coverage to express a wide range of protection by combining liability with collision and comprehensive policies.

Does Car Insurance Cover Theft, What is the Reality?

No! (Few Exceptions are there)

Does Car Insurance Cover TheftIt’s a comforting to think you can protect your car in every situation using just one car insurance policy. Unfortunately, there is no such thing except combining several policies. There is also an option to buy additional riders to cover other costs you need, such as personal injury protection and rental reimbursement.

Car insurance doesn’t usually cover theft unless we are talking about a comprehensive insurance policy.

Comprehensive coverage protects your car from a variety of threats and against damages not resulting from a collision. Even if it only covers a few specific things (not including towing, rental, and personal property coverage), it doesn’t mean it is not valuable.

Comprehensive insurance can help you repair your car, or even help you replace it entirely if that is the case. It covers events that can damage your car including theft, falling objects, fire, certain natural disasters, vandalism, glass damage and damage from hitting an animal.

When it comes to the theft of items attached to your car, the comprehensive policy usually covers only car parts and permanently installed items. In other words, a policy doesn’t cover stolen stereo that can be detached or items you left in your car, such as your computer, phone or camera.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

If you were wondering what does liability car insurance cover, the answer is very simple. Liability car insurance covers only the costs of the damage you caused to others (bodily injury liability and property damage liability) in a car accident that you have been found to be at fault. Minimum limits of coverage of this policy may vary depending on where you live.

What liability insurance doesn’t cover is damage you caused to your own car and does not extend to your injury costs. However, if you combine it with collision coverage it will cover all the damage to your vehicle as well.

The End

All in all, if you wish to have something close to the full coverage when it comes to car insurance, you should think about combining certain policies that will cover your needs. This way you can be sure you will have a wide range of protection while you drive. You can also save money by knowing exactly how much car insurance you really need.

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