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Details of Car Valeters Insurance

Car Valeter insurance is very easy to understand- it is the type of insurance that guarantees any damage to be covered by the insurance company that happens during the valet parking.

Although we never hear of such cases of accidents often during valet parking because these guys are quite efficient in their work yet human error cannot be ignored anywhere.

Valet parking service is a very convenient option while parking your car in a restaurant or a conference parking area. You feel secured about the vehicle while handing over the keys to these experienced guys.

However, we never anticipate the misfortunes that may be awaiting your vehicle due to any ill handling by the valet drivers. The car valet insurance is a practice to ensure the damage done to the vehicle during the car parking by the valet workers. However, you should buy the plan from a reputed car valeters insurance provider.

What can be the possible stances of damage to a vehicle during a valet parking?

Car Valeters InsurancePeople often argue about the damage possibilities to the vehicle in a valet parking. However, those who have suffered bad incidents of vehicle rupture or damage during valet encounters have a lot to narrate from their experiences. Let us get to know about the possible damages that can happen to a vehicle in a valet parking:

  • Dent or scratches on the car due to negligence or careless parking.
  • Damage to the headlights or the rear mirrors due to collision or improper parking practice.
  • Personal injury to anyone is it the vehicle owner, valet owner or any other person who may be handling the car at the moment of the accident.
  • Theft of the vehicle from the valet.

Such cases are not very uncommon. It is just that the valet guys try to suppress the news from recurring and spreading so that unrest doesn’t spread among people.

What is being covered in the car valet insurance plan?

There is a lot of covers that one can avail by paying a very small amount towards car valet parking insurance:

  • Damage to the vehicle in any form is covered.
  • Insurance of tools and other requisite equipment.
  • All the essential items kept inside the car that has been declared at the time of parking.
  • Personal injury to anyone from your vehicle regardless of who is handling the car at that moment.
  • Coverage of all sorts of accidents that may have occurred from your vehicle.
  • The official liability of valet parking authority towards any damage or loss that may include your vehicle.
  • Public liability towards your vehicle if they collide or hit your vehicle from any angle while in the valet parking.

These are some of the specific points that are in general covered under the car valet insurance plans. There may be little variations if you seek plans from various companies in different demographic locations.

Is car valet insurance different than car insurance?

This question is often enquired by people when they are introduced to the term car valet insurance. Well, there are some differences here. Car insurance is a broad term. It includes a lot of things such as the year of manufacture, the average kilometers it has covered, its fuel consumption average, etc.

Similarly, it covers a wide range of points such as accident or damage to the vehicle under given circumstances anywhere.

At the same time, car valet insurance is specifically meant for collateral damage to the vehicle in the valet parking only.

The next question that comes is the following:

If I own car insurance, do I require the car valet insurance then?

Well, to confirm you to own the car insurance is a mandatory document while the car valet insurance is an optional coverage that you can buy for your vehicle.

When it comes to the requirement then we suggest- yes! You need to get car valet insurance for certain things such as the liability of the valet parking authority is generated only when you have car valet insurance. For example, if your car gets stolen from the valet parking- who will you enquire from? If you hold a car valet insurance you will have full rights to legally use the valet parking authority and recur the damages occurred to you.


Car valet insurance is a fundamental need if you often go out and seek valet services. Not only will it give your vehicle insurance coverage but also makes the valet officials liable for any damage that may occur to your vehicle during valet parking.

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