What is Comprehensive Car InsuranceIf you have been wondering what is comprehensive car insurance, you have to know that there are many myths about it.

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Many people think that every car insurance covers all kinds of theft and damages that may happen to your car while on the road. If you are searching for that kind of car insurance, you must know that comprehensive car insurance is just not the one that you have been looking for

Just to be clear, comprehensive car insurance is a great way to protect your car. It gives valuable protection and it is very popular amongst drivers. However, comprehensive car insurance probably doesn’t cover everything that you hoped for.

What is comprehensive car insurance and what does it cover?

Comprehensive car insurance is type of car insurance that is usually more affordable, especially if you are looking for cheap car insurance for teens, and here is why.

Many insurers follow the statistics which show that teen drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents. If you think about it there is no surprise why car insurance in this situation is so expensive. Because of the statistics, it will not matter what a good driver you are if you are under 25, as you are already marked as high risk. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap car insurance for teens, comprehensive car insurance could be slightly more affordable as it does not cover damage to your car caused by collision.

Now when you know this, you are probably thinking what is comprehensive car insurance and who needs it. Well the answer is pretty simple; everybody could use comprehensive car insurance.

This type of insurance covers a wide range of events that can damage your car outside of collision. It covers situations from vandalism to rock slides on twisting mountain roads. It could help you pay for full repair of your car or even replacing it in a case of total loss caused by falling objects, any of the natural disasters or fire.

If you have comprehensive car insurance you don’t have to worry about glass damage and animal collisions. Hitting the animal on the road could be not only very stressful, but it could be very dangerous too. These kinds of accidents (deer-vehicle collisions for example) usually cause a huge and expensive damage to your car. Therefore, it comes in handy when you have comprehensive car insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance could be very useful and very valuable to you if you live in neighborhood that is prone to vandalism and theft.

This car insurance coverage, unlike the regular one, depends on the deductible you select. Therefore, with this car insurance the higher the deductible, the less you’ll spend paying your premium. However, do not forget that the actual cash value of your car will have a great impact on your amount of coverage.

Keep in mind that, aside the damage caused by collision, comprehensive car insurance won’t cover the damages caused by hitting an object or the property stolen from inside of your car.

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