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How Much is Car Insurance Per MonthWhen you plan to ensure the financial security for your car, how much is car insurance per month comes first. Per month cost for car insurance varies day to day and state by state. The exact cost for a car insurance policy will depend on wide range of factors including car type, manufacturer, driver age, state, and many more. It is likely possible to find a good policy for $100 per month. Depending on your coverage, you may also find a policy that costs only $50 per month. If you are looking for strong coverage, it may cost more than $350 per month. Such policy gives the complete protection even if the worst accident happens.

How Much is Car Insurance Per Month by Age

Depending on the age of the applicant the monthly cost of car insurance can increase. Young drivers are considered as high risk drivers, that’s why the cost becomes higher. Most of the insurance companies are charger higher for covering young drivers. As young drivers don’t have the complete maturity, they cannot control the vehicle as needed and it causes high risk of accident.

To find the rates for car insurance per month, a big research is needed. We are going to explain you what we have found. According to the data of different insurance companies we have found the average cost. Here is detail you can check:

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State Cost per Month
Alabama $61.20
Alaska $88.40
Arizona $79.14
California $70.42
Colorado $68.32
Connecticut $85.21
Delaware $85.21
Washington D.C. $98.23
Florida $88.59
Georgia $65.21
Hawaii $70.42
Idaho $48.40
Illinois $61.91
Indiana $54.82
Iowa $46.35
Kansas $49.52
Kentucky $62.54
Louisiana $89.42
Maine $53.42
Maryland $78.54
Massachusetts $93.41
Michigan $78.12
Michigan $77.58
Minnesota $65.83
Mississippi $62.04
Missouri $57.32
Montana $57.09
Nebraska $51.23
Nevada $81.32
New Hampshire $66.03
New Jersey $98.13
New Mexico $60.42
New York $93.42
North Carolina $50.31
North Dakota $46.32
Ohio $55.12
Oklahoma $56.50
Oregon $61.31
Pennsylvania $70.42
Rhode Island $88.42
South Carolina $62.42
South Dakota $47.31
Tennessee $54.12
Texas $70.44
Utah $59.39
Vermont $59.11
Virginia $59.12
Washington $70.01
West Virginia $72.21
Wisconsin $52.11
Wyoming $52.98

The above chart shows quite details how much is car insurance per month. A general insurance costs around $150 per month. Depending on different matters you may get a cheap one as well.

How Car Insurance Premiums are Calculated

Each of the insurance companies has their own different way to calculate car insurance premium rates. Most of the top rated companies follow a base rate which is approved by the Department of Insurance of the state. They get a base rate of car insurance premiums from the department. Insurance companies finalize the premium rate by considering age of the driver, experience and driving history.

So, now you can easily understand that young and inexperienced drivers have to pay higher premiums than experienced drivers. Having a clean driving history is also very important to get a cheap policy. Car insurance under 25 years (Like car insurance for 16) costs much higher as a 16 year old boy can’t drive the car as an experienced person.

You have read how much is car insurance per month and now, you know how much you have to pay as monthly premiums. Compare free quotes to find the best rate in your state.

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